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Stucco Color Restoration

Skip the Paint and Refresh Your Stucco with Fog Coat

Learn more about why applying fog coating to stucco is a
better financial decision than painting over it.

Exterior stucco is a beautiful design choice for many homes. It adds texture and vibrancy that are desirable features for many homeowners. But what happens when the stucco starts to wear out? It begins to look shabby and cheap. With Fog Coat, homeowners can refresh their stucco without painting or completely re-doing it. It’s an affordable, practical option with superior results compared to other stucco finishing methods.


Allegro Cement Coating
Upgraded fog coat by La Habra Stucco, Allegro Cement Coating versus painting over stucco.

What do the Experts Say?

Leading stucco experts discourage customers from painting their stucco because it is not the best option for stucco. With paint, moisture can be sealed in, potentially causing mold and mildew to grow, creating health issues and other problems for the occupants of the home or building.

Stucco experts recommend Fog Coat to finish and refresh your stucco because it’s safe, easy-to-use and there are no health risks involved. Unlike paint, Fog Coat is made from the same material as stucco as well as natural Earth pigments for coloring. 

What is Fog Coat?

Fog Coat is a cement-based finish that is designed to patch, refresh and re-color exterior stucco walls. Unlike other products, it does not contain sand and is completely safe to use on your stucco walls. Fog Coat is superior to paint when it comes to refreshing stucco because unlike paint, Fog Coat lets the stucco breathe. With paint, moisture is sealed in, potentially causing mold and mildew to grow, creating health issues and other problems for the occupants of the home or building. 

Fog Coat also lasts longer than paint. Repainting stucco can be required every few years to keep it looking fresh because it can chip and wear out quickly, while Fog Coat becomes part of the underlying material, keeping your walls looking fresh and new for more than 15 years.

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Reasons to Trust Us

The Fog Coat Corporation has been around for over 25 years, providing the highest-quality Fog Coating and Allegro cement coating for homeowners and business owners alike. Our residential and commercial products have helped numerous individuals and homeowner’s associations in California. Homeowners and commercial property owners can trust our commitment to quality and the recommendations from other quality stucco manufacturers. As a part of the Stucco Manufacturer’s Association, we work closely with other businesses to provide complete stucco finishing care that is superior to painting and other stucco products.

Recommended by LaHabra Stucco

The Fog Coat Corporation is the only company recommended exclusively by LaHabra Stucco. This prestigious company and leading stucco manufacturer knows stucco and knows the most effective finishing methods start and end with Fog Coat. Together, we serve the following buildings and businesses:

  • - Condos and homeowners associations (HOA)
    - Residential homes
    - Apartment buildings and townhomes
    - Complete stucco facelifts and repairs for commercial buildings
    - Developers and plastering contractors
    - Maintenance contracts and complete stucco facelifts for fast food restaurants

From refreshing old stucco to finishing new stucco, Fog Coat is the only option for homeowners looking to make sure their stucco looks amazing for years to come.

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