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Fog Coat Explained

What Is Fog Coat?
According to the Stucco Manufacturer's Association, the leading authority on the care and maintenance of stucco, fog coat is a cement-based finish that does not contain sand. It is a multi-functional finish that allows for patching, blending, freshening up, and re-coloring stucco.

House with Fog Coat Finish

Fog Coat Versus Paint
Within two to three years following a paint application, paint may begin to peel and flake which leaves your building looking old and run down. On the other hand, fog coating becomes part of the underlying stucco so it never peels or flakes. As a result, your building retains that "new-stucco" look for years to come. Rather than shelling out money every few years to repaint your home, simply fog coat your home once and don't worry about it for another 15 years.
The leading authorities in the stucco industry do not recommend painting stucco. It can trap moisture which causes mold that creates health issues for everyone living inside. Fog coating allows your stucco to breathe, thereby eliminating potentially deadly health hazards. Moreover, fog coating is made of the same material as stucco. It does not contain harmful vapors and is colored with natural earth pigments.

LaHabra Stucco

It's our honor to be the only company recommended exclusively by LaHabra Stucco, the leading stucco and fog coat manufacturer. Together, we serve: 

• Condo Owners
• Homeowners
• Apartment Owners
• Homeowner's Associations (Repairs or Complete Stucco Facelifts)
• Commercial Property Managers (Repairs or Complete Stucco Facelifts).

• Developers
• Town Home Owners
• Plastering Contractors
• Fast Food Restaurant Owners (Maintenance Contracts and Complete Exterior Facelift)

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