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Fog Coat Corporation has been around for more than 25 years!

Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    • What is fog coat? 
      Fog coat is a cement based coating material that provides a stronger and longer lasting bond than paint ever could. Fog coat is a cement based product for coloring stucco. Fog coat is the best way to color exterior stucco and is a stronger alternative to painting. Fog coat is an economical way to revive aging stucco.  

    • How long has fog coating been around?
      Fog coat has been around for more than 70 years, it is not a new product. It is basically stucco without the sand made to refresh the natural beauty of stucco.

    • How come I have never heard about fog coating?
      If you have not worked in the construction industry you may not know about Fog coat. It is the most cost effective natural way to enhance the look of stucco.

    • How long does fog coating last?
      Fog coat has performed well for more than 70 years (and counting). It fuses with the stucco becoming part of the stucco, not just a top coat that is susceptible to ultra violet rays that will break down as can happen with regular paint.

    • Who makes fog coat?
      Fog coat is made by all stucco manufactures to blend discolored walls or to change color. Lahabra stucco is the largest manufacucturer of stucco and the only one to manufacture Allgro Cement Coating (upgraded top of the line Fog Coat)

    • Can we change fog coat colors?
      Yes and at no additional charge. With Allegro Cement coating almost any color made by paint or stucco manufacturers can by matched for your home.

    • Will fog coating change the look of my stucco texture?
      Fog coat will not change the texture of your stucco because is soaks into the pours of the stucco. Too many coats of paint and you will loose (fill up) the existing texture or finish of your stuccol.

    • Do you patch where the stucco is peeling, cracked or chipped off?
      Yes, this is an important part of the fog coat process. We call it detailing the stucco. If done by non professional stucco tradesman it can look very unsightly. We pride ourselves on matching existing stucco finishes of all kinds.

    • How much does fog coating cost?
      The cost to fog coat is comprable to painting stucco. The longevity of fog coat makes it more affordable when considering how long the coating will last compared to paint, not to mention the natural look & beauty of natural stucco.

    • How many coats do you put on the stucco?
      All stucco will receive 2 coats of fog coat, a company policy we put in place many years ago. Painters will most likeley put 1 coat of paint on the stucco, this can cause imcomplete coverage, showing holidays and sometimes bleed throught of old color.

    • Will fog coating trap moisture?
      No. Stucco needs to breathe (permability, the process of vapors escaping, not being traped behind the stucco) Fog coat can breathe and has a better permiability rating than paint.

    • Do you pressure wash the stucco first?
      Yes, another important part of the process. Pressure washing removes contaminants that can reduce the bonding of a new coating. A good job begins with complete pressure washing of all exterior products to be coated.

    • What does fog coating look like?
      Fog coating makes stucco look like it did when it was brand new. It looks like natual stucco. Painting stucco can make it look shiny and fill the texture in the process.

    • Does fog coating breath?
      Fog coating will breathe like natural stucco does. It won't trap moisture that needs to permiate to the surface. If the moisture or vapar is trapped behind the coating it can cause many unwanted consiquences.

    • Will fog coat eventually peel off like paint often does?
      No. Fog coat becomes an integral part of stucco, it does not peel or crack when applied to natural un-painted stucco.

    • Does fog coating come with a warranty?
      Yes. We have a 3 year warranty on fog coating but you can expect decades of usefull life.

    • How long has Fog Coat Corporation been in business?
      We have been in the same business for more than 25 years. The owner of the business has more than 40 years of stucco experience.

    • How long does stucco last?
      Stucco is considered a 100 year product. It holds up to the ultaviolet rays of the sun, it is made with cement and only needs color refreshinging after 10 to 15 years. That is why most building exteriors are made with stucco in southern california.

    • Does fog coating fade as fast as paint often does?
      No. The ultraviolet rays of the sun break down paint products faster than a cement based product. This is evident when looking at a painted exterior product vs a fog coated or natual stucco product.

    • What is Allegro Cement Coating?
      Allegro II Cement Coating is an upgraded fog coat made by La Habra Stucco. La Habra Stucco intrduced Allegro Cement Coating about 15 years ago. We were instrumental in the launching of the upgraded fog coat and continue to use Allegro Cement Coating to this day

    • Do you use fog coat or Allegro Cement Coating?
      We use Allegro Cement Coating exclusivly for stucco, it is one of the best stucco products to come out in decades. It is not like tex-coat or simular products that claim they are 28 time thicker than paint & will last a lifetime. (you may need to refinance your home to afford)

    • Will it increase my cost for restoring the stucco color?
      No. The cost to have Allegro Cement Coating will not increase the cost of restoring the stucco color. That is the beauty of fog coat vs painting, the price is comprable with the longevity of cement based product that gives you a natural stucco look.

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