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Stucco Color Restoration

HOA Reserve Study Process

Home Owner Association reserve studies analyze repair and replacement needs for a mulititude of projects around the association including maintained buildings and grounds. Typically HOA reservve studies produce a funding plan for accumulating money to perform the required mainteance, replacement and upkeep.

It's important for Home Owner's Associations to have reserve studies done. It allows you to determine the best amount to charge homeowners for their monthly or yearly dues, as members of the HOA. It is a complex process that takes into account all of the communal property, including property that is seen by all of the residents. From things life roofing, landscaping, and even driveway repairs.

The reserve study is quite a process, and it includes looking into the general life of buildings, as well as the upkeep procedures to do with those buildings. This includes the upkeep of paint on homes and other building, which is where fog coat can come in handy. Many HOA groups are only now realizing this, and they are looking for the right company to go to for a better option than painting.

Why Fog Coat Is The Better Choice For HOA

When it comes to painting exterior stucco several options exist but none better than fog coating. Fog coating is definitely the better option, when it comes to comparing it to a paint job. For one thing, it lasts longer than a general paint job. With the antiquated method of painting exterior stucco you could experience flaking within a year. Due to the advanced technological methods provided by fog coating you end up with a much longer life. Fog coating also gives stucco homes a more natural look, which can be desirable for homeowners and the association as well.

There are many things that go into the way you calculate dues for your homeowners, and there are certain things that can help save money on dues, or at least leave money in the reserves for when it comes to major repairs. At times, a special assessment may need to be done to get more money for different repairs.
As an HOA, it's important to know that the cost remains comparable, between paining and fog coat, but the longer lifespan of the fog coating (a good 15 years) makes it a much better option. Once you paint stucco you're more than likely going to need a new paint job about every three to five years.

Fog Coating And HOA

As the leading service provider of home owner association fog coating, we can be an asset to your property. If you're an HOA looking to save your home owner's time and money, you can rely on our prices and services. Not only will you get satisfaction in a job well done, but your home owner's will know that their HOA board investigated and selected a stronger alternative to just simply painting.  Your home owner's will know that their HOA dues are going to something that will give them a much return on their investment with a exterior stucco paint service that looks more natural that they won't be worrying about flaking paint a year down the road.